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Integrating technology with humanity

We work with organizations and companies of all sizes (Startups, Scaleups and Fortune 500s) to discover the true value and revenue potential of new technology, like the blockchain.

The Blockchain Initiative

We're committed to exploring how leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs can harness technology to empower their business and accelerate impact. We believe that the blockchain and other evolving technologies are and will continue to impact the future of how you do business. By asking questions and exploring possibilities, we're seeking to address pressure points to create new opportunities for how business is done.


Business is changing. Rapidly. To keep up you need to be unafraid of questioning existing policies and procedures as well as potentialities. We help reframe your business future by reconsidering the role emerging tech can play.


Build your future. Today. Knowing what you don’t know is step one. This frees you to learn - continually. By engaging with new and emerging tech you can make the future of work your current reality. We facilitate various opportunities for you to learn and grow.


Explore how emerging tech can not only change how you do business, but also how it can positively impact those that matter most: your customers. The human component of technology is powerful. We work to help you unleash it.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated innovators, educators and changemakers with a passion for connecting people with emerging technologies.

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Upcoming Events

While we’ve all heard about the disruptiveness of emerging tech, what’s been missing from the conversation is the importance of the human touch. Our events explore where, how and why blockchain can transform how we do business.

Ready to unlock blockchain for your business?

If you're not doing it, you're already behind. Blockchain and other evolving technologies have more to do with your business than you've considered. Don't fall behind, speak to us about how your business can leverage the power of these exciting emerging technologies.